Oasis Pet Spa           Franktown Colorado - Tails are waggin and pets are braggin about Oasis Pet Spa
We offer a range of services to fit your pets need. We are a cage free salon. All pets are groomed straight through. No long stays.

Our Full Service Groom

Bath:  Warm water bath with a spa facial scrub, shampoo to suite you pets skin care needs, condition and warm fresh water rinse.

Blow dry:  We hand blow dry all pets there is no cage drying involved. During this process we will be blowing out under coat and looking at the skin for any abnormal issues.

Ears cleaned and nails clipped:  We clean out the ears with a cotton ball and alcohol water mixture and clip nail. ( nail grinding is available for and extra charge)

Hair cut:  We do the hair cut the way you want it,  we can also help with suggestions.  Keep in mind that we also do what is best for your pet.  If your pet is very matted and needs to be shaved that is what is best for your pet.

Furminator: If your pet does not require a hair cut and sheds we will do the furminator treatment that reduces shedding 60 to 80%

Cat grooming is also available with full service grooming.

Grooming price are determined by breed, size, and temperament.  If there is excess matting and or undercoat there are also extra fees.  Please call for prices 720-837-5974  

Up Grade Services
Dead Sea Mud Conditioning Treatment 10$
Hot Oil Treatment:  $10- 25
Teeth Brushing      $5
Anal Gland Expression  $10
Nail Painting 5$
Hair Color 10-20$

We except cash,check or credit card!

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